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Tonisure Plasma & Galvanic Treatment

Tonisure Plasma & Galvanic Treatment

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This devices offers two effects: The Plasma Effect and the Galvanic Effect.  Plasma is a neutral gas molecule separated into ions and electrons. When they make contact with the skin create a natural chemical reaction. This reaction works with the skin to:

  • Sterilize the skin & sooth breakouts
  • Induce regeneration

Galvanic current is an aesthetic technology that induces a chemical reaction from very low direct electric current. It works between two electrodes the head tip and the ground bar. It works like a magnet  pulling the ions from the solutions. This increases product absorption making your products work more effectively. This helps skin:

  • Increase moisture levels
  • Improve water oil balance
  • Product permeation
  • Collagen elasticity improvement
  • Muscle relaxation


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