Why Vibragenix?

Happy Sunday my Beautiful Peoples!

I’ve spent A LOT of money on some really DUMB material things in my life.

✔️ Exotic Cars

✔️ Luxury furniture

✔️ Gadgets

You know - all the toys you’d expect a guy making close to half a million dollars a year for a decade in digital automotive marketing to splurge on.

And they were fun - kind of.

But it was always the same story…

I’d buy something new, get REALLY pumped about it…

Then the novelty would gradually start to wear off.

And after a couple of weeks, I barely even remembered why I was so hyped in the first place.

My focus was on accumulating 'things' as I was hopelessly lost in the ego mind of materialism.

I was spiritually dead or 'undead' if you compare it to now.

If you’ve followed my spiritual evolution over the years, you’ve probably guessed that those days of accumulating shiny new objects are LONG behind me.

But there is one thing I wish I had invested MORE time and money into when I was younger:

Optimizing my energy field.

Don’t get me wrong - I’ve always been on top of my health and wellness.

But I could have taken it MUCH further.

Because if you’re gonna spend money on “high ticket items”, THIS is where you must place it.

Things adding to your spiritual life for an eternity to come.

Exotic Cars and Material Gadgets?

At the end of the day, those add NOTHING to your life (besides a quick hit of dopamine).

But peptides, red light panels and stem cell treatments?

Those can very well be life-changing investments for your  physical body.

But what if I could recommend to you an amazing tool that tunes your energy field to one of resonance and joy?

I CAN....and why I AM pointing out an absolute wonder biotech device you must consider putting into your home.

The VibraGenix is a Golden Age tech I first encountered at the A4M Conference December in Las Vegas.

Most people when they see it, think of it as a 'Vibrational Plate' which are mechanical and been around for more than a decade. (I have one of those in my home here in Playa right now and its cool)

But the VibraGenix is NIGHT and DAY different.

You're gonna have to trust me on this.

This one device has the potential to add more to your life than any exotic car or gadget COMBINED.

The VibraGenix truly harnesses the power of acoustic wave technology (resonant vibrational frequencies) (which I’m a huge fan of) to help provide full-spectrum healing for the body, mind, and spirit.

For me personally, my initial experience with “the device” was one of deep peace and relaxation (I literally spent 30 seconds on this thing and fell into a DEEP state of transcendence).

But it can be applied to almost ANY issue…

✅ Brain Injury and Rehabilitation
✅ Cognitive enhancement
✅ Sports Recovery
✅ Muscle Stimulation
✅ Strength Training Enhancement
✅ Rife Healing Frequencies
✅ Fat Loss
✅ Chakra balancing
✅ Ancient Vibrational tones
✅ Scalar Wave frequencies

You name it, the VibraGenix has the ability to tune your energy field to one of harmony and coherence.

And IT IS important you remember, you are not your 'physical avatar body'.

You are nothing more than vibrating atoms and oscillating waves of pure, eternal, spiritual energy aka 'plasmatic fire'.

I’d take that over a highly modified exotic car any day of the week.

I will have the VibraGenix Elite in my home within the next couple of weeks 

Rest assure, I will be detailing my experiences with the technology for the rest of the year.

Within the next couple of weeks, VibraGenix will have an all new financing program where you'll be able to purchase their highest end device (The Elite) for ZERO DOWN and as little as $599/per month.
Jay C


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