Perfect Peel Instructions

The Perfect Derma Peel: Pre and Post Treatment Instructions Pre Treatment


Patients who are pregnant or breast feeding

Patients with an allergy to any peel ingredient listed above, or to aspirin

Patients who have used Accutane within the past 4 months

Patients who have open wounds, sunburn, infected skin, cold sores or lesions. Patients with a history of cold sores (herpes simplex) may be given an antiviral 3 days prior to the peel

Patients who have recently had treatments such as waxing, electrolysis or chemical exfoliants Patients who are undergoing chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy

Patients with a history of an autoimmune disease or any condition that may weaken the immune system

Please note: Do not peel more than two body areas in one session, and do not use more than two vials of product in any one session.

PRE: Patients may use a daily skin care regimen of retinoids up to 3 days before the peel, but should discontinue use at this time. Patients should refrain from using retinoids or glycolic products for 10 days post peel.



For best results, the treatment areas must be thoroughly cleansed. Remove all make-up and cleanse treatments areas. Next, apply 100% pure acetone solution or  a 90% range alcohol with gauze pads and cleanse skin thoroughly.


Use caution when opening the peel vial, as the solution may spray/pop from pressure. Pour the peel solution into the application cup. If using a booster add it to the mix and stir with a wooden stick. Using the included rough gauze square, apply The Perfect Derma Peel evenly to the entire area to be treated. This first application will sting slightly and serve to numb the treatment areas. The following applications will cause minimal discomfort upon application. Skin will appear pink or red after the first layer. In some cases, you will see a light frost on the skin. The frost is more likely to occur on damaged areas such as acne, scars or pigmentation.

If you notice that the treatment area displays a moderate to heavy (opaque) white frost, stop applying in that area. To continue beyond a moderate frost may cause irritation especially for Asian, Hispanic or African American patients. However, you may continue to layer the peel solution on areas without a frost.

The solution can be applied to the eye lids and underneath the eyes, but avoid getting it in the eyes. If you choose to peel the eye area, apply 1-2 light passes only. If any solution gets in the eyes, rinse eyes thoroughly with water and saline.

On male patients, apply less solution over the beard area. When peeling a skin type 6 patient for the first time, use 1 ml. less solution until you can judge the skin’s sensitivity.


The Perfect Derma Peel solution remains on the treated areas. The patient receives a Patient Take Home Kit is reminded that the treated areas should not be washed or touched for at least 6 hours. The patient should wear a hat on day one as no SPF will be applied post peel. The solution may be left on overnight if there is no irritation and if a stronger result is desired.

Please note: All Peel products must be stored in a cool, dry place. Product has a 24 month shelf life if stored properly.

Post-Peel Instructions

Day 1-2
The treated areas will feel tight and may appear slightly darker.
The day of the peel application is “Day 1.” The peel solution should remain on the treated areas for at least 6 hours. During the first 6 hours, do not wash, touch, rub, or apply make-up to the treated areas.

The Perfect Derma Moisturizer with 1% hydrocortisone (included in Patient Home Care Kit) may be used after 6 hours if:

The skin feels excessively irritated
Patient is Fitzpatrick Type 4-6 or has melasma or hyper pigmentation The Perfect Derma Plus booster was added to the peel treatment

If you are not experiencing any irritation or discomfort, the peel solution can remain on until your evening cleansing or it may be left on overnight.

Day 2 (AM): Gently wash and dry the treated areas. Vigorously apply the 1st Post-Peel Towelette to the treated areas. Let dry thoroughly. Towelette solution should be left on for 30 minutes before applying Mineral Perfection/Tinted SPF 30 or an SPF 30. Make up may be applied if desired.

Day 2 (PM): 30-60 minutes before bedtime, gently wash and dry the treated areas. Vigorously apply the 2nd Post Peel Towelette to the treated areas. Leave the solution on overnight.
If you are experiencing irritation or discomfort, apply a small amount of The Perfect Derma Moisturizer 2-3 times daily. You may also apply a cold compress against the irritated area for relief.

If there is no significant irritation, do not use any moisturizing products on the treated areas until peeling begins (usually Day 3). Avoid excessive sweating, sauna or heavy exercise during peel process.

Day 3-6
Peeling generally begins on day 3

After peeling begins, apply The Perfect Derma Moisturizer (included in the Patient Home Care Kit) to the treated areas 2-3 times a day to control the peeling and relieve the tightness. This moisturizer should be used for one week for Caucasian patients and two week for Asian, Hispanic and African American patient. If The Perfect Derma Moisturizer runs out, a 1% hydrocortisone cream may be substituted. Do not rub, pick or pull on the peeling skin, let the peeling occur naturally. Rubbing, picking or pulling may cause scarring.

Gently wash (do not scrub) and dry the treated areas morning and night, and apply The Perfect Derma Moisturizer as needed. Mineral Perfection/Tinted SPF 30 or an SPF 30 should be applied every 2 hours during sun exposure.

Day 7
The peeling process is generally complete.
Mild sloughing may still be occurring in some treated areas. Continue to protect the skin with Mineral Perfection/Tinted SPF 30 or an SPF 30.