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LifeWave X39® Patches

Activate your stem cells, heal your health issues and reduce or eliminate pain!

Patented phototherapy is designed to elevate a peptide known to enhance stem cell activity

  • Supports relief of minor aches and pains.
  • More energy and better sleep – must be experienced to be believed
  • Supports natural wound healing process
  • Maintains healthy inflammatory response

Contains (1)  sleeve with 30 patches.

There are 10 patches we recommend. Select based on your individual needs. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions. 

  • X39 Stem cell - like an anti-aging supplement for the whole body 

  • Aeon - stress & inflammation

  • Alavida - improve skin

  • Carnosine - strength flexibility and recovery after workouts

  • Energy Enhancer - energy and endurance

  • Glutathione - master antioxidant and immune system

  • Icewave - minor aches and pains

  • Nirvana - mood enhancer

  • Silent Nights - better quality sleep

  • SP6 - reduce cravings and appetite