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Hi, I am Colette and my goal is to make taking care of yourself easier. Whether you're wanting to fight the effects of aging on your body or optimize all aspects of your health and wellness, I am here to help. We offer the best skin care products and pro style treatments you can perform at home. In addition, we provide effective ways to get or stay fit and eat healthy. We make changes and additions weekly, so visit frequently to shop, take a free barre class, book a Zoom skin care consultation, or learn what's new in the ever changing field of health & wellness. We love suggestions so if there are things we can do to make it even better, please reach out.


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Order Your Phototherapy Natural Healing Patches

Lifewave patches are applied at specific points on the body based on the science of acupuncture. They use the aura around the body to balance and improve the flow of energy. This creates a healing or postive response in the body. Click the button below to learn about the different patches and hear what our customers had to say. You may also go directly to this link to purchase yours. Purchase Here

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  • DMK

    A System Based On Pure Science

    The DMK Concept of revising skin aims to restore restore harmony, balance and the natural rhythm of the skin through its 4 step process of REMOVE, REBUILD, PROTECT, MAINTAIN.

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  • Natura Bissé

    Skincare products, created with high concentrations of innovative ingredients and surprising sensorial textures. Effective formulas that transform your skin and awaken the senses. For the first time in history, in 2017 Forbes Travel Guide named a beauty brand as its exclusive“Official Skincare Brand”.

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  • TOV

    HOP+ is the only "filler mask" that is proven to work with it's Clinical studies behind the product. It uses a form of Poly L Lactic acid to increase collagen. There is only one maker of HOP+, Formerly Sculplla H2, which is Tov Medical Aesthetics" a Korean Skin care Company

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  • MD Solar Sciences

    Just clean products that feel wonderful on the skin, are safe for all skin types and the environment - no harsh chemicals.   It’s what’s not in our formulas that makes us special.  Vegan and gluten, paraben and fragrance free. Our packaging is fully recyclable and we have always been reef safe.

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